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Welcome to VHT Amiga Anti-Virus website

The Virus Help Team is an organisation setup with the aim of finding the latest viruses and removing them from circulation. This is why this site has been set up. You will be able to download the latest versions of Amiga antivirus programs, and gain necessary information on how to prevent and remove the latest viruses on your Amiga

Website of

Virus Help Team

Website of

Virus Help Team
Our objectives are:

  • To fight and prevent the spreading of computervirus

  • To aid users with virus relate problems

  • To support all known antivirus programmer with virus

  • To be a NON-PROFIT group

  • To find virus programmers and have them convicted

We will corporate with everyone, who support our sake. We simply don't care if they are Germans, Americans or wherefrom, as long as we can aid the computer users all over the world in the best possible way. We do all this anti-virus work in our free time, we all have full time work next to our antivirus hobby

We are still here, but not much has happend on the Amiga virus scene since 2004, but the viruses are still out there, so help is still needed. Virus Help Team in Denmark are still alive and kicking, and we have just celebrated Virus Help Team's 25'th anniversary.
Charlene, please contact me.... Regards Jan !!!

Virum Help Team
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